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Growth Chart Ruler Wall Décor

Growth Chart Ruler Wall Décor

When keeping track of your children's growth, do not write it on a wall because all those memories will get lost when moving to a new home. Keep those memories by using this wood wall chart. Hang it on the wall and it can be moved to another room if redecorating, taken to a new home or (if each child has their own) passed on to the children in their homes.

  • Keep track of children's heights from year to year
  • Take with you when moving or redecorating a room
  • Purchase one for each child
  • 8"L x .75"W x 66"H

Due to Covid and Delays in Receiving. Item may take up between 2-3 days or up to 3 weeks to ship. You may email me directly at and I can get you approx ship within 48 hours.